Hymson Laser

Hymson(JiangMen)Laser Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in 2008 with a mission to design valuable integrated laser and automation solutions for customers. As one of the largest producers of laser intelligent technologies in China, Hymson Laser is a leading supplier of automation systems for new energy automobile, consumer electronics and metal fabrication industries.

Hymson Laser has been paying attention to the fiber laser sheet metal application market, and established the sheet metal intelligent equipment division. After years of research and development, Hymson Laser has accumulated solid laser cutting technology and has mature automated manufacturing experience. And for sheet metal applications in different industries, to provide users with professional and high-quality product portfolio and services,including comprehensive laser automation solutions such as laser plate cutting intelligent equipment, laser tube cutting intelligent equipment and laser automation software.
Our current customers are experienced experts in varies of industry, such as sheet metal , engineering machinery, construction, smart furniture, bathroom & kitchen hardware, electric equipment, automobile,aviation and petroleum industry.


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After-sales Support

Our services team is always at disposal for providing free remote trouble-shooting;with our professional and safety Service Call System,we can respond to custiomer within 24 hours.

Installation Training

We offer the services for installation,commission and training(principles of laser,application,equipment maintenance,safety knowledge and trouble shooting),also re-training and technical support for our customers.

Technical Support

Our professional R&D technical team provides free application technology communication and industry application solutions,as well as hardware and software upgrade services.


Best construction Deals
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Best construction Deals

Hymson Italy

Hymson Italy is an innovative player operating in the field of industrial automation for the design, construction and marketing of systems and services for metal cutting with optic- fiber laser. Hymson Italy is the European subsidiary of the Guangzhou Hymson Laser Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2018 in the province of Vicenza, in one of the most developed European industrial districts, with the aim of supporting international growth and facing the new challenges of the metal manufacturing industry.


Hymson USA

The Hymson America branch was established in 2019. It has a professional laser application process technology research and development team, an intelligent equipment research and development team, and provides hardware and software upgrade services. Hymson Laser has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "intimate service, allowing you to create wealth with peace of mind", providing customers with thoughtful, fast and professional services. While promoting sales activities locally, it provides customers with installation services and employee operation training services. , Use a professional and safe repair service system.

Hymson Korea

Hymson Korea branch was established in 2023. It has a professional sales team to carry out promotion and sales activities in the local area and a technical team to provide pre-sales, installation, training, and after-sales technical services in Korea.Many Korean Industrial manufacturers have relied on Hymson for tailor-made lasers cutting equipment and automation solutions, Hymson has developed a robust portfolio of new products and technologies to specifically meet the customer’s demand with performance and reliability requirements of flexible industrial materials processing market.