MP6012D Steel Tube Cutting Laser Machines is a newly designed model for small pipe cutting.

MP·6012D SERIES  Steel Tube Cutting Laser Machines for high quality sheet metal laser cutting

The advantage of MP·6012D SERIES Steel Tube Cutting Laser Machines

● High cutting efficiency, high cost performance and low running cost
● High cutting performance for copper/brass, aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel

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1. Fast feeding speed with 120m/min, Save machine running time.

Intergated Pneumatic cylinders control system for tube loading system, increases the speed of tube loading with flexible change over.

Automatic adjustment of tube supports, guarantee the stable movement during cutting.

New invented “Movable double columns”less moving mechanic

2. Master5000T Control System


3. Cutting Technology of fiber laser cutting machine:

▲ Leapfrog CuttingAutomatic Obstacle AvoidanceLightning Cutting
▲ Rapid PerforationBreakpoint ResumeArbitrary Point Cut-in
▲ Gradual Speed Regulation in Tool StartAluminum Alloy Burr-free Cutting (Optional)
▲  Fly-cutting High Speed Cutting

● Leapfrog Cutting
The new leapfrog function based on CNC eliminates the disadvantage of “rectangular” motion or false leapfrog of the cutting head.
Adopting the motion of a parabola, with jumping and falling based on CNC to achieve real-time control and with accurate and rapid positioning, thus significantly improves the efficiency of processing.

● Automatic Obstacle Avoidance
When a workpiece cocks, the cutting head can identify it automatically and rise rapidly to avoid the obstacle and locate the position of the next workpiece intelligently
To reduce the probability of collision between the cutting head and the workpiece; ② to guarantee the consistency of cutting during processing, thus improves the efficiency of processing; ③ to locate the position of the next workpiece intelligently, thus reduces the probability of integral transfer of a sheet and reduces the waste of sheets; ④ to reduce the workload of the operator and editor through the simple and intelligent operation.

● Lightning Cutting
Hymson’s characteristic new technology, which improves the laser cutting production in three aspects, i.e. cutting precision, cutting speed and energy consumption in cutting
High Efficiency: Lightning cutting has more efficient capability of perforation and faster cutting speed.
Low Energy Consumption: The energy consumption of gas for cutting purposes is reduced by over 50%
Good Quality: Higher quality of cutting section, smooth and even cut edge, fewer burrs.

●  Aluminum Alloy Burr-free Cutting (Optional)
Burrs are easy to appear in aluminum alloy cutting, so additional manual or mechanical polishing is needed, which increases product production processes, thus reduces the productivity, extends the shipment cycle, and increases the production cost.
Hymson’s “Aluminum Alloy Burr-free Cutting” process realizes no burrs, no wrinkles, high precision, no mold consumption, no need for repairing molds, saving of time of mold replacement, saving of processing fee, reduction of product cost, etc.

4. .Machine Bed

● Super rigid machine base proven by coin test.
● Utilize state of the art welding technology to form the machine tool base.
● Heat treatment to strengthen the intensity and stiffness of base.

Standard industrial machine tool processing procedure


5. Why choose Hymson laser

● Intelligent dust exhaust system: Work on the cutting area only, strengthen the ventilation effect.
● Intelligent gas control system: save gas up to 50%
● Auto-focusing: accurate, fast and smart
● Full-automatic lubrication system: Auto lubricate the gear and rack, maintenance free.
● Installation/training & support by global factory trained engineers.

Handheld Control The remote wireless remote controller allows the operator to perform the most operations from any convenient location: starting and stopping the program, lighting out, following, reversing the contour, increasing/decreasing the focal length, changing the feed rate, and outputting machine parts.
Gas Management
Compressor Screws, air-cooled, with sound-insulated housing, receiver, desiccant, and ancillary equipment for air cutting up to 16 atmospheres.
Vertical low-temperature gasifier Used as a replacement for standard cylinders when used for cutting gas consumption increases. (eg: cutting stainless steel)
Operator safety glasses Direct, reflected and scattered laser beams may damage the operator's vision and may even lead to blindness. In order to protect the eyes from laser radiation, special protective glasses should be used.
Smoke Removal
Exhaust fan Used to remove the combustion products produced during the cutting process.
Filter - Ventilation Filters - Ventilators are designed to remove suspended, fine and moderately dispersed dust and smoke from air during welding, metal thermal cutting, etc.
Spare Parts
Supplies accessories Protective glasses, nozzle.

6. Beckhoff EtherCAT Bus Control of laser tube for laser cutting machine

● All modules of the EtherCAT bus control platform, as Hymson’s super brain, have been developed based on this technology. A CPU completes all the data calculation, which is secure and reliable. The platform has self-diagnosis function and is highly open.
● Beckhoff is based on the concept of PC control technology. The introduction of the Lightbus system, bus terminal modules and TwinCAT automation software has the landmark historical significance in the field of automation technology. In the traditional control industry, these products are regarded as high performance solutions and thus widely accepted. EtherCAT, a real-time Ethernet solution, is a forward-looking high-end technology as well as a new generation product of the cutting-edge control concept.
● The equipment applies the Beckhoff numerical control system and has a large-screen display. It is a professional laser cutting system developed based on the Windows operating system and integrating many laser cutting modules with dedicated functions. Equipped with a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse, the equipment is easy to operate.

7. Real-time Frequency and Power Curves

In order to obtain high quality acute angles and right angles, the software is equipped with real-time frequency and power curves and regulates the power of laser radiation automatically according to the movement speed of the cutting head. When the movement speed of the cutting head is zero (when it stops at a corner), the power of output radiation equals to the minimum power set in Setup to prevent burning the corner.

8.Rich Process Layer Interfaces of steel tube cutting laser machines

Master9000T provides a number of layers, each of which can be independently set, including such process parameters as cutting speed, laser frequency, air pressure, cutting height, etc. The color of each layer is unique for easy browsing and configuration of parameters such as cutting graphics.

9. Bus Operation Panel of laser cutting machine tube

●  Equipped with a bus operation panel integrating multiple functions
●  A panel designed specifically for laser cutting
●  It is clear to set and easy to operate 

Requirements of Tube Standards

● The processed tubes should not have serious rust and corrosion. The rust and corrosion of carbon steel may impact the quality of cutting sections.
● The distortion and bending of tubes shall not be lower than the tortuosity of 1mm/1m (3 mm/10m) specified in GB/T 6728-2002 “Cold formed steel hollow sections for general structure--Dimensions,shapes,weight and permissible deviations”. In respect of the torsion resistance in the length direction of a tube, the total torsion resistance should be less than 0.02% of the total length.
● At the time of tube loading, pay attention to the safety of people and equipment. To load bundles of tubes, adopt a travelling crane, which should be operated by a professional holding the related qualification certificate. The travelling crane should have the fast speed and slow speed function. When the bundles of tubes approach the equipment, the slow speed function should be adopted to make them approach the loading platform.
● The OD tolerance of sectional materials should not be greater than the outside diameter by ±0.5% (minimum: 0.2mm) (Standardized outside diameter deviation grade of D4 as specified in GB/T 17395-1998).
● Workpiece Processing Accuracy: Based on the material error, the position error is IT12 and the shape and outline error is IT12.
● The ends of a sectional material should be level, without burrs. The surplus height of any burrs should be less than 2mm.
● If the quality and precision of processing are impacted due to the impact of the weld bead height on the penetrability and clamping action of the laser, when the tube to be processed is a welded tube, the external surplus height of the weld seam should be eliminated to make the tube basically level, with the height of the external weld seam being less than 0.3mm and the height of the weld seam of the inner cavity being less than 2mm.
● Party A shall maintain the machine regularly according to the requirements of Party B’s instructions. If the machine is damaged due to failure to maintain it regularly, Party B has the right to refuse to provide repair.
● The maximum weight of a single tube is 25kg/m.
● If the tube to be processed has an outline shape other than square, rectangle and circle, the parties should consult with each other. At the time of automatic loading, if the immunity of bending exceeds the relevant national standard, successful loading for slender tubes ≤ φ30mm and of □30mm cannot be guaranteed each time and it is difficult to guarantee the cutting precision. (Automatic loading is optional)
● Requirement of Wall Thickness for Gripping of Chuck: The wall thickness of circular tubes and tubes with cambered surface should be greater than 0.8 mm.

Pre-sale Service

1. Welcome to send sample material to us for testing laser marking engraving for you.
2. We offer pictures, videos and other relevant documents for you to know more about the machine.
3. We are online and would respond fast to answer all your questions.
4. If you have chance visiting China, you are warmly welcome to visit our factory.

After-sale Service

1. Any parts have a quality problem during the warranty period, We will send you a new replacement for free. And Customer affords the replacement shipping cost.
2. The training video, detailed manual, and catalog sent with the machine. The customer could study the operation of the machine by watching the clear training video.
3. If there is a technical problem or new inquiry, Hymson has a fast response to service support by online or email even if need by the phone call.
4. Professional technical support and after sales following up. A free software update.


1) What are the primary products of your company?
We are one of the manufacturers in China, our primary products include sheet metal laser cutting machine, tube laser cutting machine, precision laser cutting machine, laser welding machine.

2) Where is your fiber laser equipment applied to?
Our Fiber Laser cutting Machine is suitable for all kind of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium, copper, galvanized steel, electrolytic steel and silicon steel etc. 

3) What are the advantages of your laser equipment?
By using Hymson laser, you can monitor end-to-end process and take complete control of all the machining process. The whole machining process will be done smoothly, which will greatly improve production efficiency. In addition, the precision and consistency of the products in mass production is guaranteed.

4) How to do control the quality when you produce laser equipment?
We introduce international advanced production technology, and strictly implement a series of measures of quality and cost control to ensure the quality of laser cutting machine. In addition, all raw materials are strictly inspected in accordance with international standards before they are put into production.

5) Which countries are your laser machinery sold to?
Our laser cutting machine sell all over the world, such as United States, Spain,Netherlands,Poland,France,Turkey, Switzerland,Iran,Egypt, India, South Africa, Malaysia, Canada,Mexico,Colombia,Brazil,Chile,Korea, Japan and many other countries.

Core Configuration
Unit Name Model / Specification Remarks
I. Control Programming Control System Master5000T China
II. Mechanical Drive Heavy Duty Lathe MP6012D China
  Servo Motor and Drive INOVANCE China
  Precision Reducer DESBOER Japan
  Precision Toothed Rack JT Taiwan
  Precision Guide Rail ROUST Germany
III. Pneumatic Control Intelligent  Pneumatic System SMC/ PARKER/ AIRTAC, etc. Japan / USA / Taiwan
  Proportional Valve AVENTICS Germany
IV. Optical System Fiber Laser 1000W-3000W China / USA
  Auto Zoom Cutting Head HYMSON china
V. Electrical System
Standard Electrical Element Schneider France
VI. Dedusting System Front Chuck Exhausting System HYMSON China
  Dedusting Fan HYMSON China
VII. Temperature Control System Double Temperature and Double Control Cooling System HYMSON China
  Constant Temperature Air Conditioner with Independent Electric Cabinet HYMSON China
VIII. Unloading Device
Unloading Components 3m/4m Optional
IX. Weld Inspection Weld Inspection Components HymsonVision Optional
X.  Full Enclosure Protection Fully Enclosed Components HYMSON Optional
XI. Loading  Device Loading
Small batch auto loading device / Automatic loading and unloading device Optional
Tube Specification Automatic Loading: Circular Tubes Φ15mm~Φ100mm
Square Tubes and Rectangular Tubes 15mm~80mm
Manual Loading: Circular Tubes Φ10mm~Φ120mm
Square Tubes and Rectangular Tubes 10mm~80mm
Material Type Circular tubes, square tubes and rectangular tubes made of carbon steel or stainless steel
Length of Cutting Residue 180mm
Maximum Weight of a Single Tube 15Kg/m 
Floor Space of the Whole Machine 3000mm×12000mm
X-axis Operating Stroke 130mm
  Positioning Accuracy 0.05mm
  Positioning Speed 60m/min
  Repositioning Accuracy 0.05mm
Y-axis Operating Stroke 6200mm
  Positioning Accuracy 0.05mm
  Positioning Speed 100m/min
  Repositioning Accuracy 0.05mm
Z-axis Operating Stroke 180mm
  Positioning Speed 60m/min
A-axis and B-axis Infinite Rotation 150rpm/min

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