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 CNC technology has effect on every aspect of the manufacturing industry and it is useful for business to scale and produce more cost-effective for customers. As technology continues to change, the versions of cnc fiber laser cutting machine will upgrade as well, which guarantees optical performance and exhibits the highest level of accuracy and consistency. As the beginners or experienced people of laser cutter, how much do you know about the machine?

Types of laser cutting machine

  ● Sheet metal laser cutting machine - HF·C Series is the standard laser cutting machine ,which is designed with a mission for handling massive metal cutting and long-term operating. Also this Series deploy many intelligent parts in both hardware and software, which can achieve better performance with less cost – better ROI.
Chna sheet metal laser cutting for sale at factory price
  ● Tube laser cutting machine
The new HP·D series laser tube cutting machine is an expert-class ultra-speed intelligent machine tool with heavy-duty precision chuck, auto-loading and unloading, fine cutting quality,high speed cutting and high accuracy.
best price laser tube cutting machine supply
  ● Precision laser cutting machine-HM Series with efficient cutting cnc system is designed for sheet metal precision laser application.

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 Who makes the best fiber laser cutting machine? Hymson laser with a mission to design high power laser cutting machine and automation solutions for our customers. As one of the largest manufacturers of laser intelligent technologies in China, Hymson Laser is a leading supplier of cnc fiber laser cutter for metal fabrication industries, consumer electronics and new energy automobile. 
  Our current customers are experienced experts in varies of industry, such as engineering machinery, sheet metal , bathroom & kitchen hardware, construction, smart furniture, electric equipment, automobile,aviation and petroleum industry. 

Working principle of laser cutter

  The fiber laser cutting machine has gradually replaced traditional cutting machine, and plays an important role in manufacturing industry. To understand what each type of the fiber laser cnc machine is used for, you need to know the working processes of it first.
  The working process of machine can be briefly summarized as the following phases: Fiber laser cutting machine is a fiber laser processing machine which uses a high-density and high-power laser beam to scan the workpiece. So that the material reaches the vaporization temperature immediately, causing evaporation and forming holes.
  Considering the shape requirements of the work piece, the laser beam and the work piece move relatively to each other in a certain motion track to form a slit. And then the molten or other substances are blown away from the slit with high-pressure gas. This cutting method uses an invisible laser beam to replace the traditional mechanical knife, which makes this manufacturing process safe to operate. And it has the merit of narrow cutting seam, fast cutting speed, and smooth cutting.

Fiber laser cutting machines that we provided
 Who makes the best fiber laser cutting machine? Hymson laser can provide high quality fiber cutter with diverse laser power.  The following table lists a part of the fiber laser cutter that we can provide and you can refer to the table and select a type of machine for your work.


                                                                             Samples of fiber laser cutting machine(HF3015B)
  Applicable Materials: Specially used for cutting 0.5~30MM carbon steel, 0.5-16MM copper, as well as galvanized steel, electrolytic steel and silicon steel etc.
laser metal cutting machine application
                                                                              Samples of fiber laser cutting machine(HP6018D) 
  Applicable Material: Specially used for cutting 20MM-180MM carbon steel and stainless steel round pipe, 20MM-130MM carbon steel and stainless steel square pipe, waist-shaped pipe,oval pipe,etc.
fiber cutting machine application

Who makes the best fiber laser cutting machine 

By using Hymson laser, you can monitor end-to-end process and take complete control of all the machining process. If you choose the right machine, the whole machining process will be done smoothly, which will greatly improve production efficiency. In addition, the precision and consistency of the products in mass production is guaranteed.

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