Cnc Fiber Laser Cutter With Good Quality And Large Inventory In Hymson Factory

It is a big deal to invest in a fiber laser cutting machine, and we know how significant it is to offer a high-quality fiber laser cutter to you. We take quality and service as our priority, and we are committed to fabricating the highest quality fiber laser cutting machines,such as brass cutting machine, stainless steel cnc cutting machine, nitrogen laser cutting machine, etc. . All the machines listed  in our website are largely in stock. We may not have the fiber cutting machines that are completely fit your need, but we have been paying attention to the fiber laser sheet metal application market can design and manufacture the right one for you.

► Highest Quality for Durability, Productivity, And Longevity

1. To ensure the safety of the operation, the structure of the fiber laser cutting machine must tough and durable. You should confirm that the machine which you are going to purchase has undergone extensive testing to ensure its quality and safety. All fiber laser cutters in Hymson factory is of rigorous quality so that we could stand up to the tough demands of all your needs.

Machine Bed of stainless steel cutting machine
● Super rigid machine base proven by coin test.

● Utilize state-of-the-art welding technology to form the machine tool base.

● Heat treatment to strengthen the intensity and stiffness of the base.

2. As for productivity, we have many types of fiber laser cutting machines for different applications. Especially the machine with high power, like 15000 Watt Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, The maximum cutting thickness of different materials for 1.5kw fiber laser cutting machine: carbon steel maximum thickness 10mm; stainless steel maximum thickness 50mm; aluminum material maximum thickness 50mm.
15000 Watt Cutting Parameters Sheet
Material / Thickness(mm) Reference to the effective cutting speed(m/min)
Stainless Steel Nitrogen Gas Aluminum Material Nitrogen Gas Carbon Steel OxygenGas
Nitrogen Gas OxygenGas
1 40.0-50.0 40.0-50.0 8.0-10.0
2 35.0-40.0 35.0-40.0 5.0-6.0
3 30.0-35.0 30.0-35.0 4.2-4.5
4 20.0-24.0 20.0-24.0 3.5-3.7
5 15.0-20.0 15.0-20.0 3.2-3.5
6 12.0-15.0 12.0-16.0 2.6-3.2
8 9.0-12.0 10.0-12.0 2.3-2.8
10 6.0-8.0 8.0-10.0 2.2-2.5
12 5.0-6.0 6.0-7.0 1.8-2.1
16 3.0-3.5 2.4-2.8 1.6-1.8
20 1.6-2.2 1.0-1.6 1.3-1.6
22     0.7-0.9
25 1.0-1.4 0.6-1.0 0.5-0.7
30 0.3-0.5① 0.2-0.4① 0.4-0.5
35 0.2-0.4② 0.1-0.3② 0.3-0.4
40 0.1-0.3② 0.1-0.2② 0.2-0.3
50 0.1-0.2②    

Applicable Materials: Specially used for cutting 0.1~50MM stainless steel,  0.2~10MM carbon steel, 0.1~50MM aluminum, as well as galvanized steel, electrolytic steel, and silicon steel, etc.

3. Every mechanical part has its life, but if with careful and correct maintenance, extending its life is not a big problem. Hymson gives complete guidance about precautions for using the laser cutting machine.


► A Large Inventory Of Optical Fiber Cutting Machine

With a large inventory of fiber laser cutting machines, we have a prompt service for delivering your product. For some special custom-made machines, we may need some time to carefully manufacture, and dispatch them to you as soon as possible.


► Industrial Cnc Laser Cutting Machine Are Custom Made To Order

Hymson devote ourselves to design valuable integrated laser and automation solutions for customers. After years of research and development, Hymson Laser has accumulated solid laser cutting technology and has mature automated manufacturing experience. We have the capability to configure fiber laser cutting machines to many custom specifications, allowing them have unique characteristics that include high cutting efficiency, high cost performance, and low running cost.
Based on the customer’s requirement, the R&D team successfully completed the design and installation of the customized model HF 24030 fiber laser cutting machine with a super large format in just 60 days.



The right fiber laser cutting machine can improve your production line, boost sales, and help contribute to business success. For different applications in various industries, Hymson is fiber laser cutting machine factory and we provide customers with professional and high-quality custom product portfolio and services. With our full-scale plant and professional technique team, fiber laser cutting machines are made as your requirement. We will help in the design and then manufacture. Send us your details to our email, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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