Congratulations on the grand listing of Hymson Laser

On September 9, 2020, Shenzhen Hymson Laser Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (company abbreviation: Hymson Laser, stock code: 688559) held a bell ringing ceremony.

Hymson Laser intends to publicly issue no more than 50 million ordinary shares, all of which will be used for projects related to the company's main business.

Shenzhen Hymson Laser Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive laser and automation solution provider. It now has Hymson (Jiangmen) Laser Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Hymson Laser Technology Co., Ltd., Hymson Laser Intelligent Equipment (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. and Anshan Hymson Technology Co., Ltd. and many other wholly-owned subsidiaries. And there are two global intelligent manufacturing production bases in Jiangmen,Guangdong and Changzhou, Jiangsu.


So far, Hymson Laser has the ability to provide comprehensive products and solutions for diversified application markets and multi-level industry customers. With the company's deep R&D strength and continuous innovation capabilities, the company has accumulated industry leaders such as Apple, Huawei, Tesla, CATL and other industry leaders or well-known corporate customers in consumer electronics, new energy batteries and other applications, and implemented multiple benchmarking projects And batch delivery, and create multiple application model projects.

Hymson Laser is now a national high-tech enterprise and has won the 2014 National Key New Product Award and 2016 High-tech Lithium Battery Innovative Product Award issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Hymson Laser has always focused on R&D and market expansion in the field of laser and automated intelligent equipment, and has continuously enhanced the company's laser optics and control technology.

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