Fiber Laser Welding: What is It and How does It Work

Laser welding provides contact-free, high-speed welding solutions that are used to join different components.  The Fiber Laser Welding Machine is equipped with a single-mode continuous fiber laser and provides high beam quality. The laser light is generated in an active fiber and guided to the workpiece by means of a flexible delivery fiber, which acts as a “light guide”. Firstly, both sides of the abutting material are melted, and the laser beam emitted through the handheld welding head can produce narrow, deep welds. Finally, the melt coalesces and forms the joint. The laser welding machine can effectively combine the molecular layers of the weld and realize the seamless joint of the weld.
Customized stainless steel spot laser welding machine design

Customized stainless steel spot laser welding machine design


●Weld dissimilar metals
●Low heat input for minimal distortion
●Non-contact welding - no degradation in welding quality
●Minimal maintenance – high tool availability
●No current passes through the part
●Easily automated for high-productivity, high-yield manufacturing
●High speed laser welding produces high part yields at low operating costs that result in the lowest cost-per-part
●High-precision accuracy for joining even small parts


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Innovated technology for the replacement of traditional argon arc welding and electric welding, suitable for such thin materials as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum alloy, etc. Perfect weld-seam, fast speed, no welding marks, no discoloration after welding, and simple operation.


Laser welding machine china is currently rapidly gaining in importance for countless industries, Laser welding has become a highly reliable, easily automated process that provides the highest part quality, typically at the lowest processing costs, and is virtually maintenance-free. Find more steel laser welding machine in Hymson.


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