How Fiber Laser Cutter Support The Growth of Automotive Industry

In the recent years, the degree of automotive intelligence has improved a lot. The structure of the automotive parts are sophisticated, which conventional processing methods can not suffice its manufacturing need. Fiber laser cutting machine is crucial in manufacturing the car parts, including automobile bodies, automobile door frames, car trunks, and car roofs.

In the automobile manufacturing industry, the cutting amount of the plate is relatively large, laser process is ideal method to be used in high-volume applications because laser CNC machine for metal is more compact and effective and easier to automate compared with conventional manufacturing methods and is fit to the core specifications of automobile production. In this article, we will tell you how fiber laser cutting machines support the manufacturing process of the automotive parts.


Advantage For Automotive Industry

  1. Smooth Cuts. Fiber laser cutting machine is controlled by computer, and it can cut materials precisely.
  2. High production efficiency. The laser cutting equipment has a large processing surface and can process the whole board.
  3. Fiber laser cutting machines cost less than the conventional processing method.
  4. Flexible processing. When cutting plates in medium and small batches, with large areas and complex contours, the laser cutting machine is more flexible and it can meet individual needs.

Applications for Automotive Industry

To guarantee the safety of drivers, the automotive parts must be accurate. Thus it is crucial to choose the machining equipment for metal auto parts. Thanks to the advantages of non-contact, flexible and high-precision machining, laser application technology has basically covered all areas of the automobile manufacturing industry, especially laser cutting technology, and has been fully applied to auto parts, body, door frames, trunks, roof cover etc.

1. The automotive parts is much smaller and more sophisticated than the ones decades age. Heat-absorbent fibreglass composites, protective coatings, displays, membrane keypads, insulation mats, carbon fibre reinforced composites, upholstery fabrics and knitted spacer fabrics in comfortable car seats – all processed nowadays with the laser beam. The conventional processing method can not keep up with the space of the development of the times.

2. Fiber laser cutting machine also can work with not only metal, but also the cloth.  Laser cutting has the advantage of melting the edges extremely quickly, which leaves no fraying, which is suitable to cut the cloth of the airbag.

3. Some precision parts in automobiles like car doors, car brake pads, car wheels are mainly processed by laser cutting. In addition, there are many machining parts of, such as automobile doors and automobile exhaust pipes also adopt laser technology.  


From the technical point of view and economic point of view, in order to improve the safety of the car, it is necessary to ensure the cutting precision. With the features like high cutting precision, high efficiency, no burr, and one molding, the fiber laser cutting machine is definitely the preferred for automotive industry.

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