Based on the World, Hymson Debuted at LAMIERA, the Italian Sheet Metal Processing Exhibition!

From May 18th to 21st, 2022, at this much-anticipated exhibition, Hymson (Italy) company brought the latest HF·3015 IT laser cutting machine to debut, with high dynamic performance + high precision + long-term operation stability +Comply with the European standard environmental protection vacuuming function, which is widely loved by the audience!

Lamiera 2022 is the largest and most prestigious sheet metal forming exhibition in Italy. It is organized by the Italian Association of Machine Tools, Robotics and Automation (UCIMU), with an exhibition area of 40,000 square meters and a total of 23,579 visitors. More than 480 companies around the world brought innovative technologies and 01. “leading role” here to bring together a fantastic "world laser show".

- HF·3015 IT Made its Debut at the Exhibition

In this exhibition, Hymson (Italy) company with its "masterpiece" -- HF·3015 IT laser cutting machine appeared at E16 booth in Hall 15, highlighting the "hard power" of high efficiency and high quality.

HF·3015 IT laser cutting machine has high-quality performance and professional wide application, designed and manufactured by Hymson (Italy). At the exhibition site, the HF·3015 IT laser cutting machine exploded the audience with its charm of "high dynamic performance + high precision + long-term operation stability + environmental protection vacuuming function in line with European standards", attracting exhibitors to stop for a long time and go deep exchange and discussion.


At the crowded exhibition site, the staff of Hymson (Italy) provided professional solutions for the visitors on the performance and application of the equipment. Many customers conducted a detailed comparison and inspection of many companies at the exhibition site, and gave maximum support and trust to Hymson's advanced technology and products. They chose Hymson and reached a cooperation agreement.


- Hymson is at the Forefront of Global Innovation, and we Attracted Visitors with its Advanced Technique

Changing the world's equipment pattern and promoting the progress of human intelligence has been the mission of Hymson for a long time. Hymson has been deeply involved in laser and automation, and is committed to providing customers with better services, more market-competitive solutions and marketing assistance, creating great value for customers, and meeting market needs with international standards. The laser cutting equipment has obtained the EU CE certification, and has won the trust of many well-known enterprises and partners at home and abroad.

Behind the rapid rise of Hymson in the global market is the pursuit and recognition of high-reliability, high-efficiency and high-yield equipment products by customers. In the future, Hymson will further deepen the global market, adhere to the principle of "customer value first", continue to provide more advanced products and better services, adhere to product research and development and innovation, and continue to contribute to the vigorous development of the global laser processing industry.


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