Top 3 Best Fiber Laser Cutter For Sale In 2021

Fiber laser cutter wins you over with its ease of use, incredible features and advanced technology. Fiber laser cutter is a technological revolution and it became more and more popular in different industries. Hymson strive to provide the trusted, reliable laser equipment you need at reasonable prices.  In this post, we will walk through the top 3 best fiber laser cutting equipment in 2021.

● Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

HF·B SERIES cheapest metal cutting laser

This metal laser cutting machine is equipped with CYPCUT system. This system is widely used in the laser cutting industry CNC control system and sheet metal processing /3C industry/precision machining occasions now. It’s equipped with many mature, stable and efficient processing applications, which helps to improve efficiency.

Parameter of metal cutting laser:

Major Performance Indexes
Equipment Model Effective Cutting Range Effective Z-axis Stroke X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy X/Y-axis Repositioning Accuracy Maximum Speed of X/Y-axis Linkage Positioning Maximum X/Y-axis Acceleration Maximum Z-axis Positioning Speed Maximum Z-axis Acceleration Main Power Protection Grade Total Weight of Equipment Maximum Load of Workbench Floor Space of Whole Machine
HF3015B 3000mmX1500mm 300mm ±0.03mm/m ±0.02mm 140m/min 1.2 g 30m/min 1.2g IP54 ≈8t 0.9 t 8330mmX5700mm

● Tube laser cutting machine

The equipment applies Master5000T laser cutting control system developed based on the Windows operating system. It uses bus communication and integrates modular design and many laser cutting modules with dedicated functions. The interfaces are simple and elegant and the functions are strong and practical. Equipped with a touch screen, a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse, the equipment is easy to operate. 

Parameter of fiber laser cutter:

Material Type Length of Cutting Residue Maximum Weight of a Single Tube Floor Space of the Whole Machine X-axis Y-axis Z-axis A-axis and B-axis
        Operating Stroke Positioning Accuracy Positioning Speed Repositioning Accuracy Operating Stroke Positioning Accuracy Positioning Speed Repositioning Accuracy Operating Stroke Positioning Speed Infinite Rotation
Circular tubes, square tubes and rectangular tubes made of carbon steel or stainless steel 210mm 25Kg/m 4000mm×12000mm 280mm 0.05mm 60m/min 0.05mm 6200mm 0.05mm 80m/min 0.05mm 250mm 60m/min 100rpm/min

● Precision laser cutting machine


● High cutting efficiency, high cost performance and low running cost
● High cutting performance for copper/brass, aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel

Parameter of precision engraver:

Laser resonator Power(W)   Model Working range(mm) Maximum positioning speed parallel axis x, y (m/min)
Fiber Laser 800-2000  HM6060  600X600 100


Since the establishment of the Hymson, we have continuously stabilized and improved product quality. In 2021, there are opportunities and challenges. Hymson laser will fulfill its mission, increase investment in scientific and technological research and development, and innovate more fiber laser cutting machines and fiber laser systems to meet the needs of global consumers.


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