Uncoiling Feeding Laser Cutting Machine Realizes Uncoiling and Cutting in One

With the continuous development and improvement of the laser industry, the practicality of laser cutting technology has also been greatly improved. Compared with traditional processing methods, fiber laser cutting machine china can cut various shapes, but the existing equipment is stationary when cutting, and the feeding and discharging cannot be performed at the same time, which affects the processing speed of the strip. At the same time, manual lifting of the plate is extremely easy to be scratched, and the surface of the plate is easy to wear or collide and deform, which affects the subsequent processing. 


In order to meet the needs of the market and users, Hymson Laser has continued to iteratively upgrade its products. It has launched an "uncoiling feeding laser cutting machine", which realizes an integrated automatic production line of uncoiling-leveling-feeding-cutting-unloading, which not only guarantees surface quality but also Ensure the cutting speed, greatly improving the processing efficiency of laser cutting.

cnc laser cutting machine sheet metal

● Uncoiling - unwinding & rewinding
● Leveling - To feed the material into leveling roller of the machine to eliminate the material wrinkles
● Feeding - To conveys the material out of the required length accurately
● Cutting - To cut and feed synchronously. Benefited from complete automation you could start the cutting work online. Operation rather than the manual operation.

Hymson uncoiling feeding laser cutting machine can realize the three functions of leveling, feeding, and cutting. It integrates practicability, professionalism, and stability. The compact body design greatly saves floor space.


● Automatic unwinding and leveling equipment, the maximum load is 8000kg (customizable), realizes the net cutting of the coil material, can automatically unwind or recycle the coil material, eliminate material wrinkles, and reduce material loss.


● The feeding speed is up to 25m/min, and the cutting and feeding are carried out simultaneously, which can quickly complete the cutting and unloading, and maximize the satisfaction of the user's product needs.

● Equipped with an automatic blanking device, the cutting platform rotates, and the cut finished material will not be caught in the rack when rotating and blanking, and it is placed neatly, reducing material loss and ensuring the safety of the operator.

As one of the leading cnc laser metal cutting machine manufacturers in China, our laser cutting machine does not require manual loading and unloading, effectively solving the problem of continuous production and processing in docking with the uncoiler, greatly improving efficiency, saving labor costs, and ensuring the continuity of processing and production. It is suitable for the continuous production industry of many varieties, such as filing cabinets, kitchen utensils, cabinets and cabinets.


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