Brand new side-hanging structure fiber laser tube cutting machine from Hymson Laser

Efficient and precise, Hymson fiber laser tube cutting machine & laser tube cutter offers high-speed, high-accuracy tube cutting for various materials, enhancing productivity and quality.

Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine | Laser Tube Cutter - Hymson Laser


The new side-hanging structure, automatic feeding mechanism, all-round breakthrough of processing efficiency.
Integral type precision chuck with standard dual-roller clamping jaw,highly improve the cutting accuracy.
Chuck stroke up to 120mm, processing range: round pipe 10-120mm; Square tube 10-80mm.
The brand new FSCUT 3000 professional tube cutting system integrates multiple tube cutting functions.
Optional full-automatic loading system for reducing labor cost, Short tail material for maximizing tube utilization rate.

Performance Indexes

Equipment Model S-6012
Processing range Round pipe:Φ10mm ~ Φ120mm
Square tube:10mm~80mm
Material type Carbon steel or stainless steel round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, oval pipe
Maximum feeding length of tube 6200mm
Maximum cutting length of tube 3000 mm
Maximum Weight of a Single Tube 150kg 20Kg/m)
Tailing 200/60mm
Work Travel (machine tool) Y axle: 0~6200mm
X axle: 0~250mm
Z axle: 0~180mm
XY Positioning Accuracy ±0.03mm/m
XY Repeat Positioning Accuracy ±0.03mm
Rotation Speed of the Chuck 100rpm/min
Machine Tool Dimensions 12m x 4.5m x 2.8m

Machine Structure

cnc laser metal cutting machine structure
  • Standard machine tool body, annealing treatment after welding, the overlong gantry processing center can achieve one-time processing, with high accuracy.
  • The flatness and straightness of the guide rail are ≤0.05mm/m, the maximum surface roughness can be up to 1.6.
laser cutting machine supplier
  • The reducing wheel support has better wrapping performance, which can efficiently avoid shaking of the fine pipe, and the cutting accuracy is higher.

metal cutting laser machine
  • The maximum clamping force is 150kg, which is industry-leading;
  • The front and rear chucks adopt full-seal dust proof structure, and which can efficiently isolate dust and avoid stuck;
  • Front chuck offside cutting can achieve 60mm cutting residue,maximize tube utilization;
  • The standard dual-roller clamping jaw, and high cutting accuracy;
fiber laser metal cutting machine feeding unit
  • The automatic feeding unit can support feeding length of the pipe: 6m; pipe specification: Round pipe of Φ10mm~Φ120mm, square pipe and rectangular pipe of □10mm~□120mm;pipe type: Round pipe, square pipe and rectangular pipe.
  • The automatic feeding unit adopts new design, the structure is sample, stable feeding, and high performance cost ratio.

CNC Numerical Control System

FSCUT3000 control system

FSCUT3000 laser cutting control system, developed on the basis of Windows 10 operating system, communicates through Erthercat bus and integrates laser cutting modules with special functions. The simple and concise interface, power and practical functions, touch display screen and wireless keyboard and mouse make it easy to operate.

metal tube cutter control system

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