Fiber Laser Processing Market of Copper Materials

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Laser processing relies on the interaction between the thermal energy radiated by the beam and the material to achieve the effects of instantaneous gasification, splitting, melting, or modification between the materials, and achieve the results of the workpiece processing requirements, which is called laser manufacturing or laser processing. Nowadays, fiber laser processing has been rapidly promoted in my country and has penetrated into the production lines of hundreds of industries.

Laser processing has been proven to be the easiest and most suitable for application on metal materials. Roughly statistics of all laser processing applications in the world, metal material processing accounts for more than 85% of the proportion. However, at present, in metal processing, the processing of ordinary steel materials occupies the majority, and the application of steel materials is undoubtedly the largest, especially stainless steel and alloy steel have been used in all aspects of life. However, the application of lasers in other metal materials, such as copper, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals, is still very small. Copper and aluminum alloys are the initial basic materials of many industrial products. They have high-quality electrical conductivity, heat transfer, corrosion resistance, and Wear resistance. Aluminum alloy has high strength and is a good material to achieve lightweight, but this article focuses on copper material.
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Can your Laser Cut Copper Sheet or Brass Sheet?

Laser Cutting of Copper

The three shapes of copper plate, copper sheet, and the copper tube should be the most suitable for laser cutting, but copper is a highly reflective material, and the absorption of the laser beam is low, often less than 30%, which is equivalent to 70% of the laser beam If it is reflected, it will not only cause waste of energy loss but also the reflected light will easily cause damage to the processing head, lens, laser, and other components. Therefore, copper has been a major challenge for laser cutting for a long time in the past.

Fiber laser vs CO2: The CO2 laser cutting machine can cut thick materials well and can also cut copper, but the copper sheet must be coated with a layer of graphite spray or magnesium oxide to prevent reflections from damaging the equipment. The absorption rate of copper to the fiber laser beam is very low, but the manufacturer has made an isolation device in the product structure design, and some companies that make cutting heads have also designed the processing head with anti-reflection light, which makes metal fiber laser cutting machine open in copper sheet cutting applications. the market. Today, 3KW cutting copper plates with a thickness of 10mm has already been realized.

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The wide application of copper materials will drive the demand for laser processing

Copper is a very good conductive material, so it has a large number of applications in power, cables, motors, switches, printed circuit boards, capacitors, communication devices, telecommunication base stations, etc. Copper has good thermal conductivity and is widely used in heat exchangers, refrigeration equipment, home appliances, pipes, etc. In addition, copper is widely used in the battery industry, especially in recent years. Laser welding technology has been gradually adopted for battery packaging and power battery cells. Copper is the most widely used and the largest in the electrical and electronic industries, accounting for more than half of the total consumption. With the gradual maturity of laser technology and the use of laser processing on copper-related components, it is estimated that laser processing of copper materials will bring more than 10 billion yuan of equipment demand for laser equipment in the future, becoming a new growth point in the laser industry.


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