The X6 series is the ideal economical machine for a variety of tube types and thicknesses laser cutting.

The X6 series can easily operated 24/7 with great production with automatic loading and unloadingsystem, which can achieve better performance with low cost and high benefit.

One of Leading Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine Manufacturers in China - Hymson
Variety Shapes of Tubes Can Be Machined
Ideal Economical Solution for Laser Tube Cutting
Auto-Loading and Unloading

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X6 Series Tubes Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


The advantage of the X6 series laser cutting machine for tubes:

● High cutting efficiency, high cost performance and low running cost
● High cutting performance for copper/brass, aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel


Hymson is one of the professional fiber laser tube cutting machine manufacturers in China, our laser cutting machine for tubes is applied to a wide range of innovative technology for better performance. In addition, with the experience of being fiber laser tube cutting machine supplier for many years, we can provide the best tubes fiber laser cutting machine solution for you!

1.Cutting Technology of fiber laser cutting machine:

▲ Leapfrog Cutting、Automatic Obstacle Avoidance、Lightning Cutting
▲ Rapid Perforation、Breakpoint Resume、Arbitrary Point Cut-in
▲ Gradual Speed Regulation in Tool Start、Aluminum Alloy Burr-free Cutting (Optional)
▲  Fly-cutting High Speed Cutting

2. Sheet laser Welding Machine Base with Mortise and Tenon Structure

● Super rigid machine base proven by coin test.
● Utilize state of the art welding technology to form the machine tool base.
● Heat treatment to strengthen the intensity and stiffness of base.

fiber laser tube cutting machine supplier

Standard industrial machine tool processing procedure
fiber laser tube cutting machine manufacturers


3.Tube Correcting Function

fibre tube laser cutting machine

4. Z axis Follow and Control Integration

fibre tube laser cutting machine


5.Master 5000T Control System of steel tube laser cutting machine

fiber laser tube cutting machine supplier


Applicable Materials: Specially used for cutting Φ20MM~Φ180MM carbon steel and stainless steel round pipe , □20MM-□130MM carbon steel and stainless steel square pipe, waist-shaped pipe,oval pipe etc.
tubes fiber laser cutting machine applications
tubes fiber laser cutting machine final products
fibre tube laser cutting machine products
tubes fiber laser cutting machine


6.Rich Process Layer Interfaces

Master 6000 provides a number of layers, each of which can be independently set, including such process parameters as cutting speed, laser frequency, air pressure, cutting height, etc. The color of each layer is unique for easy browsing and configuration of parameters such as cutting graphics.

Rich Process Layer Interfaces

7. Supporting Multiple Files of cnc laser tube cutting machine

Master 6000 software supports such graphic and data formats as .G, DXF, DWG, PLT, ENG, etc. and accepts international standard G codes generated by Master Cam, Type3, etc. The opening/import of external files, such as DXF, etc. are optimized automatically, which saves times and is efficient.
Supporting Multiple Files of cnc laser tube cutting machine

8. Why choose Hymson laser - professional fiber laser tube cutting machine supplier in China

● Intelligent dust exhaust system: Work on the cutting area only, strengthen the ventilation effect.
● Intelligent gas control system: save gas up to 50%
● Auto-focusing: accurate, fast and smart
● Full-automatic lubrication system: Auto lubricate the gear and rack, maintenance free.
● Fiber laser tube cutting machine manufacturers - Installation/training & support by global factory trained engineers.

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User’s Machine Installation Site Condition Preparation

S/N Content
1 Power Supply Capacity: ≥60KVA
2 Power Supply Requirements: (1) Three-phase voltage stability±5%; (2) Unbalancedness of three-phase power supply < 2.5% (Note: Abrupt changes in supply voltage and sudden power failure are not allowed, otherwise, the laser may be damaged easily. Good grounding is required (ground resistance < 3 Ohm).  
3 Compressed Air Supply Requirements:
(1) Air supply capacity: ≥ 0.8m3/min   (2) Air supply pressure: ≥ 7bar
(3) Dewpoint ≤ 5                 (4) Oil content ≤ 0.01ppm  Solid particle ≤ 0.01μm    
4 Auxiliary gas for cutting: Oxygen (O2)/ Nitrogen (N2): Purity ≥ 99.99%
5 Sheet (Tube) Cutting: Black skin, smooth, level, rustless, evenly rolled, reaching the ISO standard.
6 Installation Site Requirements: 1. The foundation for equipment installation does not settle and should be constructed according to the foundation drawing provided by Party B; 2. Temperature Requirement: [5-30]℃; 3. Humidity Requirement: < 70%; 4. After the equipment is installed and commissioned, separate the laser and install an air conditioner.
7 The equipment operator should have been graduated from a secondary specialized school or above and have the experience in operation of computers and general numerically-controlled lathes. The equipment should be equipped with a programming computer.

Installation and Commissioning

1. All the equipment provided under the contract should be installed and commissioned by Hymson. After the contract is signed, we will determine the specific installation location of the equipment in the shortest time and provide the equipment foundation drawing within 5 working days after the contract goes into effect. Prior to the installation and commissioning, you should prepare the equipment foundation strictly according to the requirements specified in the equipment foundation drawing provided by Hymson. After the installation site is ensured, the engineers will install and commission the equipment with the tools they carry and, within 10 days, complete the installation, commissioning, technical index tests, training, acceptance and delivery for use;

2. The expenses related to the installation and commissioning and the staff assigned should be borne by Hymson.


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Transportation and Logistics

1.The place of delivery should be your installation site.
2. Standard packaging suitable for long-distance transportation by truck, being dampproof, rust-proof and shockproof; suitable for integral hoisting and indicating the centre of gravity for lifting and the hoisting position;
3. Mode of Transport: Motor transport. We should bear the freight and insurance.
4. Each packaging box should be accompanied by a detailed packing list and a quality certification as well as the instructions on the equipment and other documents and materials. The packing list should be outside the packaging box and the quality certification should be inside the packaging box.

Pre-sale Service

1. Welcome to send sample material to us for testing laser marking engraving for you.
2. We are a professional fiber laser tube cutting machine supplier, offering pictures, videos and other relevant documents for you to know more about the machine.
3. Being one of the leading fiber laser tube cutting machine manufacturers worldwide, we are online and would respond fast to answer all your questions.
4. If you have chance visiting China, you are warmly welcome to visit our factory.

After-sale Service

1. Any parts have a quality problem during the warranty period, We will send you a new replacement for free. And Customer affords the replacement shipping cost.
2. The training video, detailed manual, and catalog sent with the machine. The customer could study the operation of the machine by watching the clear training video.
3. If there is a technical problem or new inquiry, Hymson has a fast response to service support by online or email even if need by the phone call.
4. Professional technical support and after sales following up. A free software update.


1) What are the primary products of your company?
Hymson is a well-known tube laser cutting machine brand and professional fiber laser tube cutting machine supplier in China, our primary products include sheet metal laser cutting machine, tubes fiber laser cutting machine, precision laser cutting machine, laser welding machine.

2) Where is your fiber laser equipment applied to?
Being one of fiber laser tube cutting machine manufacturers worldwide, our fibre tube laser cutting machine has a wide range of applications, including all kind of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium, copper, galvanized steel, electrolytic steel and silicon steel etc. 

3) What are the advantages of your laser equipment?
By using Hymson laser, you can monitor end-to-end process and take complete control of all the machining process. The whole machining process will be done smoothly, which will greatly improve production efficiency. In addition, the precision and consistency of the products in mass production is guaranteed.

4) How to do control the quality when you produce laser equipment?
We introduce international advanced production technology, and strictly implement a series of measures of quality and cost control to ensure the quality of laser cutting machine. In addition, all raw materials are strictly inspected in accordance with international standards before they are put into production.

5) Which countries are your laser machinery sold to?
Our tubes fiber laser cutting machine sell all over the world, such as United States, Spain,Netherlands,Poland,France,Turkey, Switzerland,Iran,Egypt, India, South Africa, Malaysia, Canada,Mexico,Colombia,Brazil,Chile,Korea, Japan and many other countries.

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Tube Specification Automatic Loading: Circular Tubes Φ15mm~Φ100mm
Square Tubes and Rectangular Tubes 15mm~80mm
Manual Loading: Circular Tubes Φ10mm~Φ120mm
Square Tubes and Rectangular Tubes 10mm~80mm
Material Type Circular tubes, square tubes and rectangular tubes made of carbon steel or stainless steel
Length of Cutting Residue 180mm
Maximum Weight of a Single Tube 15Kg/m 
Floor Space of the Whole Machine 3000mm×12000mm
X-axis Operating Stroke 130mm
  Positioning Accuracy 0.05mm
  Positioning Speed 60m/min
  Repositioning Accuracy 0.05mm
Y-axis Operating Stroke 6200mm
  Positioning Accuracy 0.05mm
  Positioning Speed 100m/min
  Repositioning Accuracy 0.05mm
Z-axis Operating Stroke 180mm
  Positioning Speed 60m/min
A-axis and B-axis Infinite Rotation 150rpm/min

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